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Akshay Kumar: A kind gesture!

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Mumbai, April 4 -- Good morning, my multigrain cookies! How does your Wednesday look? This migraine has been killing me and to top it all, I have a throat infection. Meri elaichi chai, which is quite strong, is helping me cope with the pain somewhat.

Yesterday, in spite of being sick, I had to attend an event during the day and a house party. My silver-bearded beau, was kind enough to get me some delicious Argentinean wine, of which I didn't mind drinking a glass or two.

Anyhow, while we were sipping the red red wine, Vijjy gave me an interesting piece of goss. Rowdy Rathore launched its first trailer last evening, and my darling Akki, as I like calling him, once again Akshay Kumar, Vijjy, proved what a gentleman he is. So well, here's what happened. Akki, like a sweetheart, personally invited all the junior artistes to this event, and insisted they bring along their families too. He felt it wasn't fair that they didn't attend this do as they are a very important part of the film and inviting them would not only make them happy, but also make the evening more fun.

And that's not all, Akki did not want these artistes to lose their daily wages, so he paid them for that day as well. Awww! Akki baby, you're such a darrrling! Every time you do these things, I keep thinking how lucky is that she decided to spend the rest of her life with you. And I'm sure your son is going to grow up to become a replica of you. How sweet!

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